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New designs are in the works!

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Here at Circles and Squares, there are many tasks that can cause one of the most enjoyable parts of this business, the creation of new designs, to be put on hold. Currently, Circles and Squares is a business of two people, with the occasional input and inspiration from my kids and my girlfriend. David handles all of the business related work - website, printing of tees, managing inventory, marketing, wholesale, and all of the design work; probably too much for one person. Anna is now running the booth at the Hillcrest and Little Italy farmers markets. Thanks Anna!  We are working on getting more help, but good help is hard to find, and expensive. I'm finally on track with some new designs, having narrowed down my top five ideas in order of priority. Please stay tuned! 

About Running With Scissors

Running With Scissors is one of my designs that I get asked about the meaning of most. Many customers laugh when viewing this image, seeming to understand that it is a commentary on the absurd state of the modern experience as we run around on the edge of hysteria, often times with no particular direction, while wielding powerful and potentially dangerous [...]

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New design - VANISHING POINT - now available in fine art giclee and on tees

About VANISHING POINT:VANISHING POINT is my newest design. My son modeled for it on a very hot San Diego day, such a trooper. VANISHING POINT represents transformation. As a young boy, one of the subjects I enjoyed reading about was the shamanistic practices of various indigenous peoples. A recurring theme was that of the underworld [...]

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April 12th SOLO show

Please join me for my first ever solo art exhibit on Saturday April 12th at OBR gallery on Ray street in North Park, San Diego. Stay tuned for more details. I'll be filling the space with new works as well as my old favorites reinterpreted as one-of-a-kind screen prints and giclee limited editions. Click here for [...]

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