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About Running With Scissors

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Running With Scissors is one of my designs that I get asked about the meaning of most. Many customers laugh when viewing this image, seeming to understand that it is a commentary on the absurd state of the modern experience as we run around on the edge of hysteria, often times with no particular direction, while wielding powerful and potentially dangerous tools. Depicting children running with scissors felt like an appropriate visual metaphor to illustrate this idea as children are after all just little humans. Being so and not necessarily having access to the same tools as adults, children may find themselves facing reprimand from adults for their carelessness in endangering themselves with a tool, such as a pair of scissors, that was only offered to the child on the condition that he or she use them in constructive ways and respect the potential for injury if not used correctly. 

As adults, we have access to all sorts of amazing tools. Technology ranging from our smart phones to nuclear science can be used to further the progress of human kind or destroy it either physically, socially, or both. Running With Scissors presents the opportunity for a subtle reminder of this while celebrating our common experiences and goals as humans in the hope that we can all laugh about it in the end. 

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